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About Our Canine Fertility Clinic in Shropshire

Bullscaff Canine Fertility Services is a canine fertility clinic in Shropshire that is dedicated to safe and responsible breeding. As experienced breeders ourselves we have raised a long line of beautiful blue champion Staffordshire Bull Terriers in a loving and warm home environment.

The health of our dogs and yours is our number one concern which is why we offer a range of services to help you breed beautiful and healthy dogs. From DNA testing to ultrasound scanning we will ensure that your dogs have everything they need to give a safe birth.

In our many years of working with dogs we have worked with a range of dog owners and breeds and have a real understanding of the best methods and products for safe breeding. If you need any advice we can give you expert help on all kinds of issues.

Whatever your needs are, contact us at Bullscaff Canine Fertility Services for a friendly and reliable canine fertility clinic in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.



Our Values

Excellent Value

Whether you would like to mate your bitch with one of our champion Staffies or you need a DNA test, you will find that the cost of our services are extremely competitive.

Reputable Partners

We have partnered with only the best and most reputable companies including Peddymark, Animal Genetics UK and VIS.

Passionate About Breeding

With over 12 years of experience breeding blue Staffies, we are take great pride in our work and helping over dog owners breed safely and responsibly.



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For more information about our canine fertility clinic in Shropshire, please get in touch with us at Bullscaff Canine Fertility Services.