Canine Chilled Semen




 Canine Chilled Semen at canine fertility clinic in Shropshire. Bullscaff CFS.


Semen can be collected, processed and sent to you if you are a breeder in another area of the UK or even Europe or the USA. Chilled semen can survive and fertilise eggs for around five days as long as it kept at the correct temperature. Chilled semen transport boxes will keep the semen at the correct temperature for 48 hours. It is essential that you organise the collection and shipment to coincide with the ideal insemination time of your bitch.

Once inseminated chilled semen doesn’t survive as long as fresh semen so frequent progesterone testing of the bitch is necessary, so you can estimate the best time to collect the semen and know exactly when to inseminate. At Bullscaff Canine Fertility Services we can collect, centrifuge and add extender to your dog’s semen sample before packaging and shipping to its destination.

We have accounts with DHL and Fedex for fast efficient delivery. Semen will also be evaluated prior to cooling to ensure that the sample quality is good enough to use chilled.

Chilled semen can also be imported to the UK from Europe. To import chilled semen to the UK the stud dog must qualify under the Pets Passport scheme. We can also offer this service if you have seen a spectacular stud abroad. If you want chilled semen we can assist you in getting the job done. We have done this many times ourselves in our own breeding programs so we fully understand the importance in picking the right dog fertility clinic.

Please Note

  • On the day of sending we need to take your dogs semen and prepare it at the latest 2:00pm.
  • It must be posted before 4:00pm.
  • It will be sent special delivery tracked before 1:00pm the next day, we can get it delivered before 9:00am but there is an extra charge for this.
  • We need the full name and address of the receiver.
  • Semen is best used the next day or within 3 days.



Our Services and Prices

Chilled semen preparation and post is £130

Artifical insemination is £40. Mobile service is £60

Chilled semen woken, inspected and inseminated is £60

If you would like further information about our chilled semen services at our canine fertility clinic in Shropshire, please get in touch with us at Bullscaff Canine Fertility Services.