Microchipping at canine fertility clinic in Shropshire. Bullscaff CFS.


Here at Bullscaff Canine Fertility Services we offer a microchipping service. We offer both in house and mobile services to save you the inconvenience of travelling with a full litter or with pets that are not good travellers. Microchipping is available at the low price of just £7.50.

We are qualified to microchip small animals and have the Peddymark qualification which is DEFRA approved. Here at Bullscaff we use Animal microchips, a leading brand in England.

Since April 2016 you are legally required to have your dog microchipped in England and Wales.

Microchipping is a vital service that is not just a legal requirement, it reunites thousands of pets with their owners every year. We are passionate about keeping your pets safe, and microchipping is a quick, simple and easy way to help do this.

How It Works

A tiny microchip is inserted under the dog’s skin. The microchip can be scanned and matched to the owner’s contact details, which are kept on a national database. As the owner you are provided with a unique code.

If your dog is lost or stolen when it is found by a dog warden or taken to police station or a vet , your dogs chip can be scanned and matched to the data base, reuniting you with your dog.

Thousands of pets are lost every year and many are never reunited with their owners – microchipping will give you the best chance of getting your dog back, should the worst happen.

Microchipping is only effective if you keep your details up to date.



Our Services and Prices

We offer a single microchip service for £10. If you need mobile services this is £15.

We offer full litter microchipping at a cost of £7.50 per puppy. For our mobile service the cost is £12.50 per puppy.

If you would like to book microchipping at our canine fertility clinic in Shropshire, please get in touch with us at Bullscaff Canine Fertility Services.