Ultrasound Scans




 Ultrasound Scans at canine fertility clinic in Shropshire. Bullscaff CFS.


We offer in house and mobile canine pregnancy scanning using the latest technology on the market. We are trained with the UK company VIS, who specialise in veterinary imaging. We use colour doppler ultrasound which not only allows you to see your future pups clearly, it gives you a better understanding of the blood supply inside the lesion than regular black and white ultrasound.

With our ultrasound scans you can see the shape, size, and internal structure of the tissue, and you can also see the internal blood flow. The distribution of blood vessels can also be observed.

Scanning is non invasive and completely safe for your your bitch. All that is required is ultrasound gel  to ensure a clear picture. A small amount of hair on heavily coated breeds may need to be clipped away for optimum scan quality. This will only be done with your permission.

Most scans take between 15-30 minutes and involves a detailed examination of the abdomen to confirm pregnancy. Pregnancy detection can be carried out as early as 21 days but is not recommended from 28 days onwards from the last mating, and at anytime thereafter. 28 days is the optimum time for estimating the amount of puppies due.

During the scan we can freeze the ultrasound picture on the screen and send you a photograph of the scan. We also have a large television to give you the best view of your new future pups.

Ultrasound technology also allows us to detect common conditions such as uterine infection (pyometra), bladder stones, foreign objects in the stomach and bowel obstructions. This is very important to catch at an early stage before the condition worsens.



Our Services and Prices

Ultrasound scanning is £20. Mobile service is £30.

If you would like to book ultrasound scanning at our canine fertility clinic in Shropshire, please get in touch with us at Bullscaff Canine Fertility Services.